Sunday, May 29, 2016

ELECTRO ORGAN - Free Download and Chords

 At the request of many followers of my channel, here you have the chords to this track.
Thank you all.

Electro-organ notes

C 0,C -12,C 3,C -5,C 2. chord1.
C 0,C -12,C 4,C  7,C14. chord2.
E 0,E -12,E 3,E  7,E14. chord3.
chords sequence x3.

Final chords:
D 0,D-12,D 4,D 7,D14. chord1.
C 0,C -12,C  4,C 7,C 14. chord2. 
B 0,B -12,B 3,B -2,B 8.  chord3.
(The number is notes up or down,

C 0 = C , C 4 = E )

"path to freedom" electro sound (groove bass and free vsts)

original sound:frankumjay
voices:robgrace and laya of freesounds

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